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Breakfast Scotch Egg


FOOD MODS:SEE SERVER!!! !!!!! ALLERGY !!!!! $ add Coleman’s +$0.50$ Add House Pickles +$0.50$ add HP Sauce +$0.50$ SUB 5 ONION RINGS +$2$ Sub Poutine Chips +$4** TO-GO ** **AS APP **AS ENTREE **DON'T MAKE** **GLUTEN FREE** **HALF** **NO SAUCE **ONSIDE 10 ALL DRUMS $$ +$1.5010 ALL FLATS $$ +$1.505 ALL DRUMS $ +$0.755 ALL FLATS $ +$0.75ALL TO GO !!!! apples applewood bacon avocado beer cheese bleu cheese bleu cheese crumbles bread buffalo bun Cabbage Campfire Ranch caramelized onions carrots celery cheddar cheddar jack coleslaw corned beef hash crackers cream cheese croutons cucumbers curry aioli Fried Egg +$1garlic aioli garlic balsamic Goat Cheese gravy hard boiled egg Horsey Mustard Sauce hot mustard irish cheddar jalapenos jerk rub kaiser roll lemon lettuce LTO marble rye mushrooms SEE SERVER !!!!! naan bread No LTO oil onions parmesan peppers peruvian Pickles potato hash ranch raspberry vin red onions red peppers red wine demi sauerkraut sawmill gravy scallions Siracha Ranch sisters vinaigrette sour cream spicy garlic parm sauce sriracha Sub Garlic Chips +$3Sub Pasta Mac +$2Sub Pot Leek Sub Shrimp +$1Sub Soup O' Day +$1swiss tartar thousand island toast points tomatoes vinegar whiskey glaze